Day 3: Kimironko/Caplaki/quiet time

We had a lazy Sunday: slept in and hung out until the morning rains had subsided. We had lunch, then set off for a return trip to Kimironko, the market we visited yesterday.

I didn’t feel like I needed to do much shopping, since we’d already been there just yesterday, so a group of us walked down a dusty road to a little store that was no more than the unlit front room of a house, containing a counter, a fridge, and a woman who had to laugh and mime the drink prices to get past our language barrier. We bought a couple of Fanta, then sat on the front steps, talking about our trip and tracing our fingers through the condensation on the outside of the glass bottles.

After an hour we joined the group and drove to the craft market, Caplaki. The rows of green shacks were quiet. Store owners sat on chairs outside, calling out to us, “Sister, sister, come look!” but it was a slow Sunday afternoon and they didn’t seem to have the energy to really harass us into looking at and purchasing their goods.


Then it was back to the house for some quiet and dinner. Tonight we start our course material. I’ve enjoyed being a tourist for the last couple of days, but I feel as though we’ve just been trying to ignore a history that is everywhere here, putting it off until a previously agreed upon time. In a way, I will be relieved to finally begin digging into the issues that are at the centre of this course and central to Rwanda’s history.


One thought on “Day 3: Kimironko/Caplaki/quiet time

  1. We are loving your blogs Emmie! How wonderful that you have had a few days to know Rwanda as it is now. All our love.

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