Day 25: Beach/Ochu+Abdul

Another day in Zanzibar paradise.

We slept in this morning and then Kirsten and I went to Mtoni Marine beach, a swath of white sand just off from a resort. We lay around for three hours, napping in the sun and cooling off by wading into the water.

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Then it was back to the hostel where I napped and skyped home. We returned to the market for dinner and feasted on shawarma and pineapple Fanta.

Our new friends, Ochu and Abdul joined us for shisha and ice cream and taught us bits and pieces of Swahili: “Give me five” is “Nipe Tano” and “It’s all cool” is “Kila kitu poa poa.”

Because our English names are too difficult to say, Ochu dubbed Kirsten “Malkia,” or, “queen,” and they called me “Malaika,” or, “angel.”

At one point a young girl, Lila, came to join us. She was sweet and smiley but quiet, her head covered in a black scarf. It was her 17th birthday.

We played a game around the table in which one person covers their eyes and somebody from the table taps them. Then the person with their eyes covered has to guess who tapped them. Sort of like Seven Up.

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Eventually Kirsten, Chelsea and I decided to head back home to our hostel. It’s our last night here but we need to get to bed early, as we have an early boat ride back to Dar in the morning. Then on to Arusha for our safari!


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