April 2, 2016 – Paris

Dear world,

After a few days of furious touring we took it a little easier today.

I am fighting a nasty throat infection (“Mal à la gorge!” We told the pharmacist this morning) so I am on a schedule of anti-septics and anti-inflammatories in the hopes that it’ll clear itself up quickly.

In the meantime, Dario generously let me sleep about 12 hours last night and we got off to a lazy start this morning.

We had delicious pho in a simple little Vietnamese restaurant around Saint-Germain last night, then went for a bit of a stroll around the Pantheon and along Rue Mouffetard, in search of crepes with Nutella and banana for dessert.


I wasn’t feeling great though so we headed back at a reasonable hour and I hit the sack.

This morning we started the day picking up some medicine, then we walked all the way from our place to the Eiffel Tower – about a an hour’s walk.

On the way we ducked into a boulangerie for a pain au chocolate for breakfast and a croissant (for me) and a demi baguette (for Dario) to hold onto for lunch. We also slipped into a grocery store and picked up smoked ham, Camembert, pickled eggplant and, what has strangely been our favourite French delicacy: fresh cherry tomatoes. And wine.

From there, we walked to the Champs de Mars and set ourselves on a bench for a little picnic. But just as the pigeons began to circle us, we realized we’d forgotten a bottle opener! So we packed up again and walked to a grocery store to buy a cheap corkscrew, then headed to a different bench and had the most lovely little picnic, people watching and enjoying the view.


By the end of our meal we were both feeling a little chilled, so we snapped some photos and made the walk back to the apartment.

Feeling drained and still a little under the weather, I took a long three-hour nap, and then a hot shower. Now we are just lazing around. It’s dark and rainy out but we may still venture into the night for one more outing today.

Tomorrow, we plan to wake up early and visit Versailles! (Though our alternate plan is to wake up early and visit the doctor, then Versailles.)

And though we are both feeling a little lousy, nothing can really detract from how amazing this city is. We are both having such a beautiful time — sore throats and all.

We wish we never had to leave!



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